Boho Light (Black)

by Mission Loft Shop


Our handmade light fixture is a statement piece for any room. We pride ourselves on the quality of our craftsmanship and design of our products. Our light fixtures are made of soft textured woven rope and suede leather over standard electrical pendant cords.

Included with Purchase:

  • 20 Foot Long Macrame Pendant Light cord (15' of macrame + 5 ft of exposed cord at the plug end for ease of use)

  • 2 Ceiling Hooks (for use with the electrical cord - not to be attached to the cotton rope portion of the fixture)

  • Please note, the oversized Edison style light bulbs that are featured in many of the product pictures are sold separately.

Details and Dimensions: 

  • 20 Feet Long by 1.5 Inches Wide

  • Made of Cotton over an Electrical Cord

  • Two Prong Plug or Hardwired depending on your desired installation

  • On & Off Toggle Switch 5 Feet from Plug (exposed for ease of use) 

*Lightbulb Sold Separately