About Us

How It All Started

Purchased in 2010, this 1908 Edwardian flat in San Francisco started out as designer, Michael Grova's, creative outlet. It's in the heart of the lively and slightly edgy Mission District. This neighborhood was known historically as the place where the Latino community, hipsters, and artists came together in a cohesive collective. 

Since then, The Mission District has developed into an amazingly vibrant and exciting neighborhood, becoming one of the more desirable spots in San Francisco. The numerous bars, restaurants, and music options within two blocks of the house foster a sense of creativity and community.

And then came Mission Loft

As the community grew and developed, so did Mission Loft. It has evolved into an inspirational collective of thoughtfully curated spaces that guests can either rent for the day or for overnight lodging. Around the corner from Valencia street, which houses numerous cafés, restaurants, and bars, this loft is the perfect location.